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About – vegan couture

Maryam Mirshafiee

VEGAN. Globe trotter. Writer. Environmentalist. Optimist. Dreamer. Animal lover.
Things I like to do: travel, fashion, cooking, yoga, surf, ski, going out with friends, hike my vegan dogs, shop & help animals.

My Vegan Lifestyle

Many people think going vegan means they have to give up testy food and good fashion. Many times when I'm telling people about my diet, the first thing they say is (other than "where do you get your protein"): "it's hard". Nothing could be farthest from the truth. The reality is that eating vegan is super easy; and there are so many options these days, that even a vegan burger may taste better and be more nutritious than an actual beef burger (yes, including protein). There are many vegan fashion brands (high fashion and all other kinds) and so many others coming out every day. Really, the options are limitless.

It's an exciting and amazing time to be vegan, and I'm extremely happy to share everything I've learned with anyone who wants to listen, as others have shared with me.



Plant-Based Nutrition - eCornell
Director - SoCalVegFest 2017
Vegancouture - Founder

Be cool, not cruel. GO VEGAN!


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